Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New studio...

...I've been able to work in the new studio's a teaser pic! The full unveiling will be in March at our Open House. We'll also have music, treats, good people and good times at the Open House, but that's another post for another day :)

Heading back to the studio right now...I have a PILE of stuff to finish. I have had to cut off additional orders until Fall because things are so busy. The good news is, I know my limits! If I'm turning you down for an order, trust me, it's for the best, because with FINISHING GRAD SCHOOL (can you tell I'm a little excited about it???) and finishing existing orders, our turnaround time has gotten way too long. Yes, individually handmade work takes time, but I still like to offer a certain level of service and we just can't take more orders right now and maintain it. So I guess the other good news in all of this is that when we come back full force in September...? We'll be far more ready to "deliver". If you're local, come by the new studio! We're at 88 N. Main in Concord. Send me a note and I'll send you directions/hours. We've got a selection of items on hand that you can see in person.

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