Thursday, February 19, 2009

Concord Area Transit!!!

Big apology to my out of town readers, but this is a local issue that I just gotta plug!

Ever wondered why buses in Concord buzz, empty, round the same clearly over-serviced routes and yet there are whole neighborhoods in Concord where there are no bus routes? Ever think about how nice it would be to NOT have to park downtown? Ever wonder about more ways to get people from different parts of the city to shop downtown? ME TOO!!! In fact, I think about this stuff all the dang time, which is why I am so excited to discover this website:

An efficiently run public transportation system would be so good for downtown business, it would give those of us with cars more options for traveling our lovely city, and it would give those without cars better service than they are getting now.

If you love public transportation, or would like to use it if it actually went through your neighborhood, and you like to see money spent well, check this site out and see how you can get involved. The woman behind it is named Marcy and I'm so glad she's doing this.

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Gail B. said...

I am constantly watching the trolleys loop from downtown to Market Basket to NHTI EMPTY!

I love the trolleys and would ride them regularly 2-4 times per week plus the return trips, if they came near my neighborhood, e.g. from downtown west (Centre, School, Warren or Pleasant), looped to the hospital and then either back down Pleasant or Clinton and return downtown.

With a route like that, I would regularly ride downtown, to the State House and LOB, the library, City Hall and medical visits.

Now to ride the trolley, I have to go downtown to park and then not have a purposeful destination for the ride. What population is served by the current route? And, what about the folks living on Manchester St.?

This is a valuable but underutilized resource.