Monday, September 22, 2008

There was life before the market...

...haha, and now there is life after the market :) And I'm happy to report, that life after the market is lovely! Everything came together and the day was so fun. I loved meeting all the artists in person, FINALLY, after 2.5 months of emailing with them all the time.

Now, let the prayers begin for good weather this coming Saturday...pleasepleaseplease! It's not looking good right now, BUT, this is New England, and there's still time. Things can change up until right before, so I'm still hoping we'll get a dry day for at least ONE day this weekend!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ohh lala...!

Official market t's! We'll be the most stylish market crew ever! We'll be sporting the official market blue for week two!

Drumroll please.......

Okay, I've got the garbage cans, and everything's packed in the buggy, all slots are filled, the cones are ready and waiting...the MUSICIANS are ready and waiting, can't even say how glad I am that they're joining us...

Here's a shout out to Just Be, the makers of the official market staff t-shirts. Michelle Pratt-Lienhartt is printing up some t's for us, and taking on the world simultaneously, with her hip t's focused on encouraging positive energy. Here's her website: JUST BE, but she'll also be visiting us in person at the market on the 27th...

I love a relaxing day outdoors.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Last Minute To-Do list...

The countdown to opening day of Concord Arts Market has begun, it's coming up in one week...which is the reason I've been sadly ignoring my blog, of course. So many details to take care of, connections to make, flyers to distribute, calls to return, emails to send..and now here we are with ONE WEEK TO GO!!!

The last minute TO-DO list:

get garbage cans!
pack day-of supplies: broom, traffic cones, saw horses, signs, extra tables, tent...
OH YEAH, SIGNS...still painting those
finalize map of the space
assemble gaggle of volunteers

I'm sure I'll be adding to this list, of course...haha...the work of the market lady never ends...! I have my traffic cones already but maybe I can try to score some like the ones in the pic above...they're so hot! Art AND traffic cone all in one!