Friday, May 23, 2008

Rock and Race!!!

In news of other great community activities, this past Weds was Rock and Race day here in Concord. Rock and Race is a huge community event, a race to raise money for the cancer center at Concord Hospital. My sewing studio on Main St is basically right across the street from where the race started. After about 4pm they closed the street off and the runners and walkers started gathering in front of the State House. By race time, the pulsing crowd's enthusiasm could hardly be contained, even when it started raining. A roar from the crowd went up from the crowd as the runners took off, but then, after the runners had gone by, and it was time for the walkers...that crowd literally oozed into and filled the street. I took pics out my window, and I have to admit, it looked like pretty much all of Concord was out there. I think next year I'll have to participate, it really looked like a lot of fun.

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