Monday, October 27, 2008

Industrial Strength

Apologies for the interesting lighting, but I had to share my newest vintage machine. I'm still investigating its pedigree, but you can see just looking at it, that it's an antique. It's also a heavy duty industrial, so it will open up whole new worlds of project possibilities...and hopefully I won't accidentally sew through any fingers because boy oh boy, does this sucker move FAST. Its external motor (not pictured) is larger than my head.

It joins the 1970's olive green Kenmore, the 1920's black Singer(rewired as an electric), the Blue 1950's Good Housekeeping, and the "Green Machine"--1961 Singer Spartan that I do most of my work on--in my vintage machine stable. The oldies are so great, because they do such good work and they last FOREVER. I can't wait to break this one in on a pile of vinyl!


Michele said...

Wow. can I come over and play? I'm envious!

muchacha K handmade said...

Haha, if I get over my stage fright :)