Sunday, March 09, 2008

Cute Purse Tutorial

Here at the Speakeasy, we're all about handmade. Well once upon a time, a friend brought me a really cool purse from Japan. "Here, see if you can make this," she said. It's never a matter of if, for the truly handbag obsessed, but a matter of how. So I came up with a tutorial for this purse, ages and ages ago, and posted it on Craftster. If you've somehow never visited Craftster, and you love making things, it really is a treasure trove of unconventional craft twists--mixed with excellent time-honored technique tips.

Craftster is also a bit of a Mecca for the resurgence in the making of handmade items.

The tutorial lives here: Japanese Purse Tutorial...don't laugh at my pics! They're vintage from my camera phone era!

Make your own!

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