Sunday, February 17, 2008

Color Palettes!

This is one of my favorite websites...truly. This tells you something about my design-geekiness that I have a favorite website that is nothing but a collection of color palettes: Color Lovers . This week I am consulting the magical palettes as I finish painting the studio shop, the Speakeasy Boutique. Here is the palette I've created for the Boutique:Speakeasy Boutique

For those who DON'T know, the muchacha K Speakeasy Boutique is opening at the end of the month, featuring not only the work of muchacha K, but of other New England artists as well.


Christine Marie said...

Congrats on the Boutique!! Can't wait to see what you do with the palette!

Becky O. said...

No way! I'm very excited for you.
Do you have cards made up?
Bring a bunch to our networking party in Manchvegas on Tuesday : )

muchacha K said...

Thanks all,

Holster full of cards prepped!